Code S

Smart Shelf

SMARTSHELF™ is our patented seamless digital shelf display with highbrightess LCD featuring a built in operating system. This is the ultimate tool for in-store shelf communication that can be adapted to any shelf and controlled remotely. Handcrafted with a stainless steel protective case and available in 45cm and 90 cm wide.

Unleash dynamic content like never before, and utilize the brilliance of size and interactivity.



Code K

Smart Kiosk

Interactivity has just got simpler and sexier. Wether its vertical or horizontal kiosks to a range of sizes, we design and develop interactive masterpieces. Bringing to life high-performance systems and multi-touch capabilities to bring your content to life.

Ultimate fusion of design and performance.



Code F

Smart Fridge

This beautifully crafted fridge comes with a high end stainless steel body and an embedded operating system that can make any shopper stop and stare. Wether at convenient stores to restaurants and hotels this fridge can display 3D transparent communication directly on durable protective glass. With a range of coolers to freezers and sizes from 24in, 32in and 49in transparent displays.

A powerful tool for the ultimate in-store branding.



Code M

Smart Mirror

Interactive and dynamic mirror displays with a range of sizes and functionalities. embedded with powerful operating systems and durable multi-touch screen, The perfect tool to overlay the human touch with reality in a seamless style.

Reflecting Interactivity and brilliance.



Code V

Vending Machine

The future of shopping and convenience in one powerful device. With a range of custom sizes, designs and stock space this is the ultimate express purchasing tool. Available in Multi-Touch and Transparent displays.

Interactive shopping brought to life with a touch.



Code T

Smart Table

Sophistication, design and functionality in one device. Fully custom products with a range of materials and sizes, for any space or occasion. Dynamic multi-touch capabilities with high processing speed and high brightness display. Embedded with the latest custom operating system that can manage multiple devices and content with a sample click.

The ultimate table experience, redefined.